Stone Soup with Matzoh Balls:
A Passover Tale in Chelm
Illustrated by Maryam Tabatabaei

Some people say that Chelm is a village of fools. Here is the story of what happens one Passover when, right before sundown, a poor, ragged stranger arrives and changes the village forever. The Haggadah teaches that all who are hungry come and eat. So what will happen in the village when no one wants to invite this stranger to the Seder? The stranger knows just the trick--it's time to make stone soup with matzoh balls!

Hoppy Passover!
Illustrated by Daniel Howarth

Violet and Simon, two small bunnies, are excited about Passover. They help set out the Seder plate, taste that first bite of matzoh (and a little bit of horseradish), search for the afikomen, and most importantly--they ask lots of questions! A simple, cozy story just right for children first learning about this holiday.

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