Beginning Readers

Keep Your Socks On, Albert!
Illustrated by Sally Ward

Beginning readers will be tickled by the amusing encounters of Shirley and Albert, sibling opossums, who lose favorite socks, tell scary stories, "clean closets," and build sand castles together in this charming easy reader, Linda Glaser's first published book.

Rosie's Birthday Rat
illustrated by Nancy Poydar

Rosie desperately wants a rat for her birthday. As she explains to her mom,
"We had a rat in my kindergarten.
We had a rat in my first grade. Now we have a rat in my second grade. I know them the best. I like them the best. I've grown up with rats!" But her mother thinks rats are creepy. Even so, Rosie gets her birthday wish. It's a sweet black-and-white baby rat named Midnight.
First Midnight is cute.
Then she's funny.
Then she's missing!
Young readers will laugh at the antics
of Rosie and Midnight in this delightful easy reader.